Top 5 Reasons Your Garage Needs Flake Epoxy Floors

On January 19, 2023

Epoxy floor coating is the perfect solution to upgrade your Dallas, TX, garage floor. Garage floor epoxy coatings come well-armed with various benefits, specifically designed to extend your garage floor’s lifespan.

As many garage owners know, this space can take a considerable beating from heavy vehicles, oil spills, water damage, and more. However, the proper epoxy coatings will ensure your garage looks attractive for years to come.

We’ll explore the top five reasons to install epoxy garage floor coatings today.

1. Increases Overall Durability

Whether running a business or parking your car after a long day at the office, durability should always remain a top priority.

If you are using your garage as a workstation, your floor should be able to withstand dropped tools and heavy machinery. A top-rated epoxy coating involves more than just adding a thin layer of epoxy to your pre-existing floor. Instead, a residential epoxy coating needs at least two coats, measuring at a depth of two millimeters.

Epoxy’s durability means it can withstand over 10,000 psi. As a result, homeowners won’t need to worry about issues like cracks or fading with garage floor epoxy coatings in Dallas, TX.

2. Wonderful Aesthetics

While the garage is primarily a functional space, there’s no rule saying you can’t improve its aesthetics. Coating your garage floor can boost your home’s resale value and make your garage more welcoming for guests.

Today, epoxy flake floors feature plenty of color combinations and different designs. For example, some look similar to quartz, granite, and marble. You can choose from solid colors or unique color schemes or patterns. An epoxy coating will also add a smooth finish to your garage, hiding imperfections like cracks and stains.

3. Better Slip Resistance

Since we often use our garage to move from the outside world and into our homes, we may trek in snow or rainwater. Many people also use their garages for DIY projects that may cause spills.

Epoxy flake coatings provide slip resistance, lowering the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. At Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings, our chip systems with epoxy and polyurea base coats and polyaspartic top coats can help your family avoid the dangers of wet floors. This is especially useful when you have children or elderly family members.

4. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Your garage can quickly become dirty from the outside world. You can track in dust, debris, ice salt, chemical spills, mud, and stray leaves, all of which can damage concrete surfaces if not cleaned right away.

Cleaning your epoxy garage floor generally only involves using soapy water and a mop. Epoxy doesn’t need waxing, unlike other materials that can start looking dull as time goes on.

Epoxy’s dust and spill resistance mean you rarely need to deal with stubborn stains or specks of dirt that won’t go away. Because epoxy helps seal concrete surfaces, you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew taking hold inside the porous material.

While epoxy coatings are durable, cracks or other damage can still occur. Fortunately, repairing this damage is a straightforward process. You can use a special blade to clean up the area and add more epoxy to seal the crack properly.

Since epoxy is low maintenance, residents can save time and money on cleaning and repairs.

5. Economical and Renewable

Besides saving on maintenance and repairs, the epoxy installation process is very economical. While epoxy is more expensive than paint, its durability and water resistance make it the better choice.

Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that, once cured, provides a permanent and stable coat versus materials like paint. This permanent solution means you won’t need to constantly repair or replace your coatings.

Epoxy is also renewable and better for the environment than other solutions, and refreshing or repairing your epoxy garage floor is a relatively fast and cheap process.

A professional team can also add new flakes if your garage floor suffers from massive scratches.

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Any concrete surface, including a garage, can benefit significantly from epoxy coatings. The durability, renewability, easy maintenance and installation, and appearance of epoxy coatings make them a top choice among homeowners.

However, installing your garage floor epoxy coatings requires expert assistance from the right team. At Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings, we back every garage epoxy floor coating with a lifetime warranty.

Dallas, TX, residents can discover our many coating services by calling Rush and Reef Concrete Coatings at 469-389-5807! 

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