The Different Types of Commercial Floor Coatings

On September 30, 2023

If you are looking for the perfect solution for the floors in your commercial building, you should consider commercial floor coatings. This type of flooring will give you the strength that you need while protecting your concrete for years to come. With a better understanding of your options, you will be in a better position to determine which will work best for you.

Options for Commercial Floor Coatings

There are three main types of commercial floor coatings available to choose from. Each type has its own set of advantages.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is one of the most common types of concrete coating that is used in both residential and commercial structures. This option tends to be one of the least expensive options and is usually applied by rolling it across a flat surface. This ensures the flooring will be able to cure into a smooth finished product. Epoxy can be extremely attractive and provides a nice and clean finished surface.

Methyl Methacrylate

This substance is typically used when making various plastic products. It is also an effective option for commercial garage flooring due to the fact that it is extremely durable. It can hand up well to a large amount of foot traffic and has a very high tolerance for cold and hot temperatures. Methyl methacrylate is one of the best options for flooring even in sub-zero temperatures, as it can still cure properly in extreme weather conditions.

Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic coatings provide many benefits that are associated with epoxy floorings but without as many drawbacks. These commercial floor coatings are extremely durable and hard. They are also more chemical resistant and more abrasion resistant than other types of floor coatings. They cure extremely fast, ensuring that you do not have to deal with major disruptions during the installation process. Unlike other floor coatings, polyaspartic coatings have few to no VOCs, which makes them safe for installation as well.

The Benefits of Commercial Floor Coatings

There are several benefits that come with choosing commercial concrete floor coatings for your property.


These floors are incredibly durable. They are made to stand up to harsh chemicals, oil-based products, and heavy cleaning products. This makes floor coatings the perfect choice for garages, warehouses, and other properties that are subjected to a lot of foot traffic and significant wear and tear.


In addition to being durable, floor coatings are also very stylish. You have the ability to select the materials, style, and color that you want for your concrete floor coatings. This allows you to select the perfect option for your home or business. Whether you want to make a bold statement or blend with your furniture, there are endless customizable options to go with.


There are many floors on the market today that absorb anything that comes into contact with them. This can make maintenance and cleanup a hassle. Commercial floor coatings are designed to be stain-resistant and do not absorb any oils, water, or other chemicals that come into contact with them.

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