Get the Showroom Look for Your Garage or Commercial Space with a Concrete Coating

On March 24, 2023

Is your garage or commercial floor looking a little worse for wear or not as attractive as you wish it were? Garage coatings and commercial floor coatings can significantly increase the appearance of your floor while adding several benefits. The professionals at Rush and Reef Concrete Coatings are here to show you how to improve your commercial or residential floor for a beautiful and highly functional result.

A concrete floor provides strength, longevity, and stability on its own, but without protection, concrete remains susceptible to many problems. With the right flooring installations, you can remove the hassles of regular repairs and maintenance while increasing the appearance and attraction of your floor.

Appearance remains essential in professional or commercial settings to attract business and increase profits. Showrooms provide a classy, glossy flooring option that highlights their product. If you want your commercial space or garage to have a similar level of attraction, continue reading to learn more.

Types of Commercial Floor Coatings in Dallas

Before learning about the aesthetics, you must understand the types of coating available to you. Many options are on the market, but the most common are as follows.


Epoxy remains one of the cheapest flooring options available, providing several benefits. It is resin-based, mixed with a hardener, and then spread evenly over the surface. Typically, epoxy provides a base for polyaspartic tops to combine the benefits of both floor coating systems.

Epoxy does not last as long as its competitors but remains popular due to its ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. Adding a polyaspartic top coat extends its lifespan.


Polyurea offers a more rubber-like feel, eliminating cracking and effectively protecting concrete. It seeps deeply into the concrete, binding well and creating a waterproof seal.


Professionals prefer polyaspartic coatings for their long-lasting benefits, incredibly protective qualities, and beauty. While somewhat more expensive than epoxy, polyaspartic coatings last much longer and resist more damage.

Several people prefer using polyaspartic as a top coat with either epoxy or polyurea, creating well-rounded garage coatings that give you the best of both options.

If you can’t decide between them, request help from a professional. An expert can explain the pros and cons of each and help you determine which works better for your garage or commercial floor coatings.

Benefits of Garage Coatings in Dallas

Floor coating systems offer many benefits over standard concrete and usually enhance your floor regardless of use. The most common benefits people prefer are as follows.


Extend your concrete’s durability with a coating. Problems such as hot tires and heavy impacts can damage or crack concrete. A coating will eliminate this issue and protect your floor.


Concrete has a long lifespan, but you can keep it looking great for decades with added protection. Renovating or replacing concrete requires time and money. Help your concrete last as long as possible to save yourself the headache of redoing it frequently.

Easy Maintenance

All coatings require regular cleaning, but you don’t have to worry beyond thorough sweeping and mopping. Coatings last decades as long as you remove spills and occasionally remove dust and debris that could scratch the flooring over time.

If you experience peeling, yellowing, or bubbling, request an inspection. After 10 to 20 years, you’ll need to replace or repair your flooring.

Water Resistance

Water resistance improves the appearance and structural integrity of your concrete floors. A coating will prevent water, chemicals, and oil spills from damaging the floor.

Enhancing the Aesthetics of Your Floor Coating Systems

While the above benefits may be enough to consider coating your floors, the aesthetic benefits significantly increase attraction. You have endless color options, giving you complete control over the final appearance. For a showroom look, consider the following options.


With the right additives, you can create a swirling, metallic appearance for your floor. Include a color or two for depth and beauty. Metallic colors also increase visibility for a safer and more attractive option.


Consider a monochrome color of your choosing, or include several colors in varying shapes and styles. Stripes, blocks, and more can add a subtle, classy feel to your garage or commercial floor. Use floor paint, stained concrete, or colored coatings to create the desired effect.


Flakes can cover minor imperfections in concrete while adding various colors. Incorporating flakes can inhibit slips and falls with added texture, increasing safety in the workspace. You can create a granite-like appearance using the full-cast method or sparsely cast them for a minimalist style.

High-Gloss Finish

Include a high-gloss finish on its own or with any of the above options. The high-gloss finish dramatically increases attraction and creates a strong showroom appearance. A bonus: Gloss increases visibility, too, for increased safety and comfort.

Contact Rush and Reef Concrete Coatings

With so many coating options, you can create the perfect garage or commercial space for your needs. The sky is the limit for your aesthetic choices, and with professional installation, you get guaranteed exceptional results. Rush and Reef Concrete Coatings is here to help you choose a coating option and apply it professionally and correctly for optimal results.

Depending on your choice, we offer warranties on our work and products to ensure complete satisfaction. If you need garage coatings or commercial floor coatings in Dallas, TX, request an estimate from Rush and Reef Concrete Coatings at 469-389-5807 today.

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