Concrete Coatings: Beautify Residential and Commercial Spaces

On May 17, 2023

Adding concrete coatings in Dallas, TX, can instantly beautify any drab, dreary concrete floors. Both homeowners and businesses can benefit tremendously by applying the correct floor coatings.

Whether you need garage floor coatings or want to prepare your pool deck for your next exciting family gathering, numerous benefits exist. Projects, small and large, can benefit from a fresh floor coating, which this guide details along with how to choose the best team for the job.

What Spaces Can Benefit From Concrete Coatings in Dallas, TX?

Dallas, TX, features hot summers and very mild winters, making its temperatures ideal for many residents and business owners.

However, protecting your property from the sun’s scorching UV rays requires the best concrete coatings. Many projects can benefit from a tough floor coating.


Whether you have a garage for storing your car and motorcycle or a commercial garage for storing numerous vehicles, adding an epoxy or polyurea base coat with a polyaspartic top coat provides unparalleled protection. Garages often take nasty beatings from:

  • Foot and vehicle traffic
  • Dirt, debris, and other gunk
  • Motor oil stains
  • Chemical spills

Over time, all these elements can start eating away at your garage, making it dull, unattractive, and potentially unsafe. Durable garage floor coatings can extend your garage’s lifespan and wow any visitors.


Homeowners often use their basements solely for dumping grounds or only to do laundry. Why not toss boring out the window and transform your basement into a new, hip hangout space?

By adding epoxy or polyurea chip systems, you add splashes of color to your basement floor. Choose from solid colors or pattern designs that go the extra mile in making friends and family feel warm and invited.

Basement floor coatings also provide additional slip resistance, making your new hangout spot safe for children and pets.


Whether you’re running a trendy restaurant or have a patio for family gatherings, coated concrete floors add extreme durability. Protect any customers or guests while impressing them with a patio that shines and glimmers.

Pool Decks

To combat Dallas’s blazing heat waves, homeowners love jumping into the pool. However, diving into the pool results in water splashing your pool deck. All this extra moisture can cause discoloration, cracks, or even mold growth.

Keep your concrete pool deck moisture-free and safe from unsightly streaks. Concrete coatings can also make your pool deck less hot, meaning your guests won’t burn their feet if they forget their sandals.

Different Retail Spaces

Industrial-approved concrete coatings provide ultimate strength and impact resistance. These coatings also protect against moisture, abrasion, and chemical spills, making them ideal for spaces such as:

  • Warehouses or factories abundant with forklifts, pallet jacks, and foot traffic
  • Commercial kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants
  • Hotels and office spaces
  • Hospitals

Protect your business any time of the year while enhancing your company’s visual image with professional concrete coatings.

The Main Benefits of a Coated Concrete Floor

Whether for your car dealership’s showroom or your outdoor patio, installing concrete coatings comes with numerous advantages.

Increased Property ROI

If you plan to sell your home or business in the future, coating your concrete floors is one cost-effective way to raise its return on investment. Besides significant visual improvements, an epoxy or polyaspartic-coated concrete floor also lasts longer.

When you hire a company with exceptional service, you can expect your coatings to last up to ten years or longer.

Greater Safety

Businesses and homeowners alike install concrete floors due to their impact resistance and cost-effectiveness. However, concrete can get slippery when wet and scorching hot during Dallas’s hot spells.

You can easily add slip resistance and extra UV ray protection. Outdoor spaces benefit the most from these extra layers of protection. For business owners, additional safety measures can help prevent liability lawsuits.

Less Maintenance Required

Whether you’re a homeowner or running a business, constantly cleaning your concrete floors becomes tedious. Coating your concrete floors provides spill resistance, including from chemicals. You can also avoid dust and gunk mingling inside any cracks.

Cleaning your epoxy or polyaspartic-coated floors often only requires some light brushing or mopping. While you should always clean a mess the moment it happens, you can avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions.

Unlimited Colors and Texture Choices

Choosing the correct texture or color for your concrete floors is a challenge. The right professionals can help you navigate different shades and textures to help you choose which option is best for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Concrete Coating Crew

Unless you’re a licensed and trained contractor, you should always stay away from DIY solutions. Instead, hire a team of professionals demonstrating the following advantages:

  • A proven installation method: Work with a crew that has a proven method for installing your new concrete coatings. Any method should first start with sanding and preparing your concrete floor, correcting any damage to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Upfront pricing: Always know how much your project will cost and why. A trusted company provides transparent pricing and free quotes.
  • The best tools: Work with a company that utilizes industry-leading equipment and the highest quality products.

Work with Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings Today

Installing concrete coatings can provide your home or business with unmatched beauty and protection. Beautifying your commercial or residential space requires working with the correct company.

For the best customer service in Dallas, TX, call Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings at 469-808-0521 and ask about their ten-year metallic warranty!

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