Commercial Floor Coatings: Can Save You Money in the Long Run

On May 10, 2023

Business owners should constantly look for effective ways to save money, and installing new commercial floor coatings in Dallas, TX, is an excellent option. Polyaspartic and epoxy coatings installed by Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings can save you money in the long run.

Any commercial renovation is an investment, but some projects provide a better ROI (return on investment) than others. You can beautify your concrete floors and make them last longer, allowing you to redirect funds to other crucial business needs.

The Top Benefits of Installing Commercial Floor Coatings in Dallas, TX

Installing commercial floor coatings from Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings can provide any business with unlimited benefits—whether you’re running a small store or a massive warehouse.

Impress Customers with Better Aesthetics

Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings proudly provides a wide variety of colors and textures. You can choose from solid colors to facilitate a clean and uniform look. Alternatively, experiment with custom color or pattern designs to achieve a unique look.

The Best Resistance Against the Elements

While concrete floors feature robust durability, your commercial business can start feeling the effects of the following:

  • High winds
  • Heavy storms
  • Water damage
  • Mold growth
  • Constant foot traffic
  • Heavy vehicles and equipment
  • Insect damage
  • The sun’s UV rays
  • Dirt, debris, and gunk

Unprotected concrete floors can start cracking and splitting, reducing your property’s resale value. Coating your floors provide additional abrasion resistance. You can also add slip-resistance properties, protecting your customers and employees while helping you avoid liability lawsuits.

Straightforward Maintenance

You may have your employees spend hours cleaning your commercial concrete floors every week, resulting in thousands of dollars every year. Commercial floor coatings can easily combat spills—including those from chemicals.

Instead of using expensive and potentially unsafe cleaning solutions, your employees may only need to brush or mop once a week. With a smooth surface, you can turn an afternoon task into one they can complete in no time. Of course, stain-resistant concrete floors look more attractive.

Fewer Repairs Necessary

Epoxy or polyurea base coats with polyaspartic top coats can add decades to your commercial floors’ lifespans. With the proper maintenance, you likely won’t need repairs or replacements anytime soon.

Since commercial businesses do see a lot more traffic than residential homes, it’s still possible you may require repairs. However, if necessary, repairing your coated concrete floor is a breeze, further saving you money.

Greater Resale Value

If you plan to sell or lease your property in the near future, applying concrete coatings can boost that resale value. Potential buyers or renters are willing to pay more if they see your concrete surfaces shine and glimmer.

Reduce Those Pesky Energy Bills

Running a business requires a lot of energy, whether you only operate during normal business hours or 24/7. High glossy finishes can reduce your property’s energy output. Reflective floors mean fewer lighting requirements.

While dimming your lights may not sound like it’s worth the effort, you can quickly see electrical cost reductions.

Quick Applications

Shutting down your business for several days can result in significant profit losses. The Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings crew can provide fast installations and cure times.

What Commercial Spaces Can Benefit the Most?

Epoxy and polyurea are cost-effective ways to upgrade your commercial property’s concrete floors. The professional technicians at Rush & Reef Concrete Coating can transform commercial properties, including:

  • Warehouses and factories: These spaces experience lots of foot traffic and traffic from vehicles and heavy equipment. Concrete coatings offer excellent impact resistance, preventing cracks and splitting.
  • Garages: Vehicles, motor oil stains, and chemical spills often damage a garage’s image and functional purpose. By coating your garage floor, you can cut down on maintenance costs, producing massive savings.
  • Driveways: Like garages, driveways also experience wear and tear caused by heavy vehicles. Furthermore, driveways can start splitting apart due to the sun’s hot UV rays. Concrete coatings provide excellent UV stability.
  • Kitchens and restaurants: Commercial kitchens and restaurants often suffer from excessive moisture. Left alone, moisture can even attract pests or mold growth, putting you out of business. The right concrete coating features top-notch moisture management.
  • Reception areas: Customers, clients, and visitors scrutinize waiting rooms and a business’s front entrance more than other spaces. Even tiny signs of damage can give them the wrong impression. Make your most-used areas look the most attractive.
  • Office spaces and break rooms: Cleaner and sharper-looking break rooms and office spaces can cultivate a healthier and more productive working environment.
  • Patios or other outdoor spaces: Dallas’s warm weather means businesses can have outdoor operations year-round. Constantly repairing concrete floors can eat away at these year-round profits. Resolve this problem with concrete floor coatings.

Why Business Owners Choose Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings

New and experienced business owners choose Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings for these reasons:

  • Unmatched warranties: Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings provides a lifetime warranty on their epoxy and flake coating systems. They also provide a ten-year warranty on metallic projects.
  • Locally owned: As a family and locally owned company, Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings understands that small businesses are the heartbeat of Dallas, TX.
  • A proven method: Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings follows a six-step method for installing your commercial floor coatings.
  • Upfront pricing with no hidden fees: You always receive a free quote for any project without any hidden fees or obligations.

Dallas, TX, business owners can transform their concrete surfaces by calling Rush & Reef Concrete Coatings at 469-808-0521!

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